Women’s empowerment in Bangladesh

Since today is International Women’s Day I want to put the women who make Tulsi’s products in the spotlight. They stand for all of the strong and courageous women of Bangladesh who often struggle to be heard.

Our recycled sari and recycled cement sack products are made by women in Dhaka. They give the materials they work with a second life, while building a new life for themselves too. They have often been victims of sex trafficking and I continue to be amazed by their resilience and courage. Having dignified work empowers them and lets them have dreams again for themselves and their children.

Our jute products are made in the traditional countryside of Bangladesh. While more beautiful and peaceful compared to the capital Dhaka, it is also a place of extreme poverty and very little chances for women to develop themselves. Again having work where they are treated and paid fairly gives them the power to educate themselves and their children.

So thank you to all the women of Bangladesh for your strength, and thank you to all of you who are reading this for empowering them.

women empowerment bangladesh


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