washing advice for kantha sari blankets & scarves

washing advice for kantha silk cotton blankets and scarves I

kantha washing advice

Cotton kantha blankets and scarves can be washed in the washing machine, 30°C delicate cycle.

Silk kantha blankets and scarves are best taken to the dry cleaner. Since many different types of silk are sourced for our products, we can’t guarantee washing will maintain the quality of the silk.

Please don’t put your kantha products in the tumble dryer.

Tulsi Crafts is a label for fair accessories from Bangladesh. For yourself, or to give away. All products are made from reused or natural materials.

washing advice for kantha silk cotton blankets and scarves II

Kantha (ˈkɑːnθə) is a type of embroidery originating from Bangladesh and Bengal (India).
Tulsi Crafts’ kantha products are made by an organisation that creates fair work for women. This gives them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families and the chances of them becoming victims of trafficking (again) decreases greatly.

Colourful silk and cotton saris are given a second life as scarves or are transformed into soft blankets. Each scarf and each blanket is one of a kind!

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