Tulsi in Wonderland

The first time I travelled to Bangladesh was in the summer of 2011. The trip felt like a discovery of a strange world to me. Bangladesh is different in so many aspects from our own world. Just like Alice, sometimes I felt very small and sometimes very large. Small and powerless when faced with poverty on such an enormous scale, large and conspicuous when we couldn’t find our way again and everyone wanted to help (and take a look at us).

I also had to adjust my concept of time. Being in a hurry is not something that is understood, and doesn’t work in your advantage. There is a solution for everything, it can just take a ‘little’ while to find it. That wasn’t always fun or easy, but it did make for some special encounters.

When we went home again, my trip in Wonderland didn’t stop. Bangladesh didn’t let me go, so I decided to start Tulsi Crafts. To give at least some people in that populous country a chance for a fair job, and to give myself a chance for a meaningful job. To me this is the only way trade and economy can really work. The capacities and talents of everyone in the chain are appreciated, both emotionally and financially. So my trip in Wonderland still continues.

Sometimes you meet a mad hatter, someone so enthusiastic he takes you with him on a trip. There’s always a dormouse, someone you just can’t seem to wake up. A caterpillar with annoying but useful advice. Then there’s someone standing with his watch in his hand, always in a hurry. Luckily you don’t find many like that in Bangladesh. But sometimes it’s me with the watch in my hand, impatiently. Then the march hare will organise a mad tea party (or a cha party in this case) where time stands still.

Tulsi has been online for a year now, and I hope many more mad tea parties will follow. As far as I’m concerned, the journey has just started.

For this special occasion we have launched a new collection of big silk scarves, handmade from vintage saris. 

scarf silk sari caterpillar
scarf silk sari kantha alice
scarf silk sari mad hatter
scarf silk sari march hare
scarf silk sari red queen
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