Interview on kantha sari blanket

interview newspaper algemeen dagblad pronkstuk

The Dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ published an interview with Margot today. The subject of the interview was the most favourite item in Margot’s house, a kantha sari blanket from Bangladesh. She explains how this blanket led her to start Tulsi Crafts.

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Opening popup store Fijn Rotterdam

opening fijn popup store entrance window

Our popup store fijn, located in Rotterdam, was opened by councillor for sustainability Alexandra van Huffelen. Please take a look below for an impression of the opening


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reuse: cement sacks

tulsi crafts first recycled cement saks bag in the fields

Reuse is widespread in Bangladesh, and used cement sacks form a great base for reuse. They are strong and durable and you see them being carried around as bags everywhere. Inspired by this we decided to use this material for a range of bags for Tulsi Crafts. Here you see one example of the bags. As you can see it feels right at home in the Dutch polders as well!

This one and the rest of the range is now available in our shop,

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