new spring collection kantha sari throws and scarves

kantha sari blankets new collection SS15

Lots of kantha sari blankets and scarves have arrived here at Tulsi Crafts. It’s always a wonderful surprise to unpack them and see what beautiful saris the women in Bangladesh have found. This time it clearly shows spring is on its way 🙂

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new jute shoulder bag

jute shoulder bag black zig zag fair trade bangladesh

We designed a new jute shoulder bag, together with our partner organisation in Bangladesh. We’ve had many requests for a shoulder bag, and we’re always a fan of them ourselves.

The bag is made from handwoven jute in a chevron pattern. As you know jute is a very environmentally friendly material, and is widely used in Bangladesh.

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new collection: ethical design & crafts from India

handwoven ethical silk scarves India

A collaboration between an Indian designer and an organisation for hand loom weavers. This creates a new collection of colourful and contemporary scarves.

The scarves are woven by hand. The very fine weaving has been made with hand spun and hand dyed yarns from mulberry silk & hand spun and hand woven cotton.

The scarves are woven especially for Tulsi Crafts.

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recycled silk sari throw in viva magazine

tulsi crafts viva throw made of recycled silk saris

Viva magazine published an item on a beautiful, comfortable home. Filled with colour, nature and recycled materials. On the associated shopping page they featured a recycled silk sari throw from tulsi crafts.

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kantha sari blankets in yoga magazine

kantha sari blankets yoga magazine

yoga magazine wrote a lovely piece on the kantha sari blankets from Tulsi Crafts. They also took some wonderful photos to illustrate some yoga poses. According to yoga magazine the blankets are very suitable as meditation and yoga blanket.

Do you know the vibrantly coloured saris women in eastern countries wear? Organisation Tulsi sells blankets made from used saris, made by hand by women from Bangladesh, who can live an independent life because of this.

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kantha love!

kantha love sari blanket quilt throw deken

we love kantha!

Intense colours, handwoven silks, fine embroidery, intricate patterns, cheerful hand block prints, soft cotton.
Tulsi’s partners in Bangladesh buy the most beautiful vintage saris to make them into throws, blankets, scarves and cushions.
The colours lighten up your house and your mood!


All kantha products are made by hand and are one of a kind. Every kantha has stories to tell,

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Tulsi in Wonderland

scarf silk sari kantha caterpillar

The first time I travelled to Bangladesh was in the summer of 2011. The trip felt like a discovery of a strange world to me. Bangladesh is different in so many aspects from our own world. Just like Alice, sometimes I felt very small and sometimes very large. Small and powerless when faced with poverty on such an enormous scale, large and conspicuous when we couldn’t find our way again and everyone wanted to help (and take a look at us).

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Meet Heshmia from Morocco

cooperative women silk vegan marokko artisan

This is Heshmia, she’s a member of a small women’s cooperative in Morocco. The cooperative is located in a small village in the Middle-Atlas.

In the photograph, Heshmia is holding a scarf she has woven for Tulsi Crafts. These scarves are made from vegetable sabra silk. Sabra silk is made of Aloe Vera fibres, it is a shiny fabric that doesn’t crease easily.

Heshmia made the scarves ‘burtu’

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Swan Market Museum Night

kantha sari blanket fennel

Saturday night March 9th you will find Tulsi on the Rotterdam Swan Market. The theme of this market is Hand Made, which coincides with the exhibition Hand Made: Long Live Crafts in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. The museum hosts this special edition of the Swan Market in their courtyard on the occasion of the opening of this exhibition.

Tulsi will sell its hand made products at this market,

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