copper interior accessories: meet the makers

makers home accessories copper interior

Our special collection of copper interior accessories is made in India. We’d like to tell you a little bit more about the makers and show you how these products are made. For the design an production of the collection consisting of copper bowls and tea light holders we work together with Studio Coppre from India.

They design and produce copper interior accessories. The artisans they work with are highly skilled in traditional copper work.

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The missing women of India & Bangladesh

missing women india bangladesh

Inspired by an article in The Guardian about missing women in India, I’d like to share some thoughts with you about the position of women in India & Bangladesh. If you’ve been following our journey, you’ve probably heard me talking about all kinds of abuse many women in these countries endure, such as trafficking and slavery. Today I would like to delve a little deeper. Why is abusive behaviour towards women so rife?

The article in The Guardian I mentioned is about more than 63 million women who are “missing” statistically across India,

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to the happiness of words: notebook in Happinez Magazine

notebook carnet d'ecriture happinez magazine

Such a poetic text on our notebook in Happinez Magazine. Everything sounds more beautiful in French.

Au bonheur des mots
Ce ravissant carnet d’écriture en jute recyclé recouvert de sari en soie jaune agrémentée de motifs floraux doux et poétiques sera le confident de vos rêves éveillés, de vos plus beaux poèmes, de vos collages… Toutes ces petites graines de créativité que nous relisons avec plaisir des années après.

To the happiness of words
This delightful notebook from recycled jute is covered with a yellow silk sari with soft and poetic flower motifs will be the confidant of your day dreams,

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baby blanket in happinez happi home: embroidered with heart

baby quilt couverture matelassee happinez magazine

Our baby blanket in Happinez! The French Happi Home, a special edition of Happinez Magazine, published a wonderful article on our kantha sari quilts.

Brodeé avec le coeur
Au Bengale, les femmes assemblent et brodent d’anciens saris pour donner naissance à ces sublimes couvertures matelassées. Tulsi Crafts travaille avec une ONG pour leur garantir un revenue équitable.

Embroidered with heart
In Bengal women put together and embroider old saris and give life to these sublime quilted blankets.

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Is fairtrade really fair?

is fairtrade really fair

Is fairtrade really fair? Dutch journalist Teun van de Keuken doesn’t think so. Unfortunately we have to agree with him, but his statement also asks for some nuance. The question we need to ask first is what the definition of fairtrade actually is.

The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant from May 15 2017 published and interesting column (in Dutch) by Teun van de Keuken. He agues that fairtrade is hardly more than a way for middlemen such a supermarkets to make a profit,

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scarf in Happinez Magazine, soft and supple

kantha khadi scarf in happinez magazine

Such a wonderful article on our kantha khadi scarf in Happinez Magazine!

The technique used to embroider this scarf is from Bengal and consists of rows of running stitches. For the triangle pattern two tones of pink have been used. The fabric is spun and woven in India and is called khadi. Wears wonderfully soft and supple. For € 79,95 via

These scarves are made in India,

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fair wear friday #1

fair wear friday tulsi crafts people tree

As of today I’ll participate in ‘Fair Wear Friday’ once a month on this blog. On the other Fridays I’ll let you know on Instagram how fair my outfit of that day is, so follow us there as well.

It’s very important to me to buy clothes that are made as fair as possible. I’ve seen the enormous size of the textile industry in Bangladesh, and the huge impact changes can have on many lives.

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cuddle up! new collection kantha sari baby blankets

kantha sari baby blankets

Just in time before the chill of autumn, a new collection of kantha sari baby blankets has arrived at Tulsi Crafts. Wonderfully soft and warm, these blankets have been used by mothers in Bengal for centuries.

They also make a lovely gift for a baby shower.

Vintage saris

Vintage saris are given a second life with these kantha blankets.

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kantha sari throws in happinez magazine

kantha sari throws surprise tulsi crafts happinez magazine

Give your interior a different look in a flash with the stunningly beautiful throws by Tulsi Crafts: because both sides are different. Made in Bangladesh from recycled saris. A look at the website is worth it: there are many different colours, motifs and combinations.

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jute bag in landleven magazine

elegant fair eco jute bag in landleven magazine

Elegant, fair & eco
Stylish, handwoven, fair trade jute bags, made from natural and black dyed jute. Jute is strong, durable and very eco friendly because no pesticides or fertiliser is needed during growth. So this a product that can really be called eco friendly.

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