scarf in Happinez Magazine, soft and supple

Such a wonderful article on our kantha scarf ruby in Happinez Magazine!

sjaal in happinez magazine

The technique used to embroider this scarf is from Bengal and consists of rows of running stitches. For the triangle pattern two tones of pink have been used. The fabric is spun and woven in India. Wears wonderfully soft and supple. For € 79,95 via

These scarves are made in India, Bengal, the birthplace of kantha. The scarves are made by women who are all members of a cooperative. They pick up the needed materials for a scarf from the cooperative office, and work from home at their own speed. When the scarf is finished they take it to the office and get a fair price for their work. The cooperative also has a school in the village where all children can take classes.

The wonderful thing about the scarf in Happinez Magazine is that it’s completely made by hand. The soft cotton has first spun by hand, woven by hand and later on embroidered by hand using the kantha technique. Many hours of work have been put into this scarf, and they’re all paid fairly.

Take a look at the scarf from the article in Happinez Magazine: kantha scarf cotton ruby.

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