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indigo shibori eri silk scarf zigzag chevron
  • indigo shibori eri silk scarf zigzag chevron
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This fair trade scarf with zigzag motif gets its deep dark blue colour to natural, plant based, indigo. The scarf is stitched, pleated and bound using the shibori technique. First the scarf is dyed and then stitching is taken out, leaving spots where the dye hasn’t penetrated, creating these beautiful motifs.

The silk for this fair trade scarf is woven by hand in Rajshahi, a region of Bangladesh famous for its silk. The silkworms are allowed to leave the cocoon naturally before the silk is used. The silk is spun, and therefore a little coarser compared to other silks, and very soft.

size: 54 x 215 cm

material: silk

artisan: Jamini

The fair trade scarf is made in Bangladesh by the Living Blue cooperative. Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is native to Bangladesh and has been grown for centuries. Living Blue has revived the tradition, thus creating economic activities in the poor Northwest of Bangladesh. Everyone working in the cooperative owns a share and shares in the profits.

Read more about the magic of dyeing with natural indigo here and see what it looks like with Living Blue.

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