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natural kantha bedspread minimal
  • natural kantha bedspread minimal
  • natural kantha bedspread cream
  • natural kantha bedspread fair trade
  • natural kantha bedspread ethical
  • natural kantha bedspread
  • natural kantha bedspread handmade

This natural kantha bedspread is wonderfully large and made from a heavy quality natural cotton. The fresh and minimal design has subtle straight even rows of hand stitching called kantha embroidery. Handmade in Bangladesh on a fair trade basis.

The bedspread is cream or ivory, the natural colour of unbleached cotton. The stitching is available in two colourways: blue hand embroidered edging and three different shades of blue all over the blanket, or red edging and red, green and yellow kantha stitching all over.

This blanket can be made to order. Send us an email for more information!

size: approximately 240 x 240 cm
material: this natural kantha bedspread is made from new, unbleached cotton

For the production of our kantha bedspreads we work together with an organisation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They offer a safe place to work for women and girls who are trying to build a new life. Often they have been trafficked into the sex industry, or they were at a high risk because for instance they lived on the streets. Now they receive a fair, living wage for dignified work, have access to training and safe childcare. This means they are able to build a better future for themselves and their children.

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