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indigo quilt kantha sari blue
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  • natural indigo bangladesh

This indigo quilt is made from saris that are dyed with natural indigo. Beautiful for those of you who like more muted colours in your interior.

These blankets are made from six layers of cotton saris. These are embroidered together with a running stitch, the kantha stitch, in white thread. Embroidering a blanket like this takes around four days.

The indigo quilts are all unique, because they are made from saris. They are dyed indigo blue, the sari patterns are still visible through the indigo. All quilts are a little different, but very much alike the quilt in the photos. Indigo is colourfast, so the indigo quilt can be machine washed.

size: approximately 100 x 200 cm
material: cotton

These quilts are made by women in Bangladesh, they work for an organisation that creates a safe working environment for women and girls who have been freed from forced prostitution. Because of their job they can rebuilt their lives, with the help form various training programs and safe childcare.

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