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This kantha blanket is made of a grey sari with grey motifs on one side; on the other is a pink sari with blue motifs. Each blanket is unique and the fabrics have been selected and stitched with care. Made by Rahima, she has worked approximately two days on this throw. Mothers from Bangladesh have used blankets like this for centuries to keep their children warm.

size: approximately 100 x 100 cm
material: cotton

These quilted kantha blankets are designed to give old saris a new life. Six layers of vintage saris are stitched together by hand with a running stitch. This Bengali embroidery is called kantha. The front and back of the blanket are made from different saris, selected to give a beautiful contrast. Vintage saris may have small imperfections, but every care is taken to patch them with a beautiful matching fabric.

The blankets are made in Bangladesh by an organisation that creates fair work for women. These women are given the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families in a dignified and fair way. This means the chances of them becoming victims of trafficking (again) decreases greatly.

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