brass double necklace


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delicate necklace brass handmade bangladesh
  • delicate necklace brass handmade bangladesh
  • brass double necklace ethical jewellery
  • brass double necklace handmade
  • brass double necklace sari silk
  • brass double necklace ethical

A delicate necklace made of interlinked brass chains. The chains are hammered by hand and connected to a braided thread made from gold and copper. The necklace is finished with a handmade brass clasp.

length: 50 cm

This delicate necklace is are made in Bangladesh by an organisation that creates fair work for women. These women are given the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families in a dignified and fair way. This means the chances of them becoming victims of trafficking (again) decreases greatly. There is also childcare available at the workplace, so their children are safe and received good care while their mothers are working.

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