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This copper bowl is hammered by hand. Its weight is a telltale sign of the quality of this special piece. The bowl can be used as a fruit bowl, a floating bowl for flowers or candles, or as decoration. In India this urli was traditionally used for cooking. Now they’re being used as floaters for flowers or candles, as a little offering. The urli was a heirloom tradition given from generation to generation. This modern interpretation of the urli too, is a timeless piece.

Made in India by artisans who still master the traditional art of copper working. Combined with contemporary design these special techniques will be relevant for the future.

size: 4,5 cm height, 25,5 cm diameter
material: copper
weight: 850 gram

Only suitable for serving dry food, line with a napkin first.

This copper bowl is covered with a clear lacquer, to slow down the natural oxidation process. Clean the bowl with a soft moist cloth. After a year or two the copper will darken and acquire its natural patina.

The urli is designed and made by Social Enterprise Studio Coppre. Want to learn more about its makers, take a look here.