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This copper floating bowl is beautiful with some floating flowers or petals. You can of course also use it to hold tea lights or to serve dry food. A great combination with the large copper ghanta bowl.

Ghanta means gong, the design of these bowls is inspired by a copper gong used in India. This modern interpretation of the gong is made with traditional techniques. This way old artisan tradition stay alive. The combination of modern design and traditional production makes this copper bowl something special.

size: 4 cm height, 16,5 cm diameter
material: copper
weight: 300 gram

Only suitable for serving dry food, line with a napkin first.

This copper floating bowl is covered with a clear lacquer, to slow down the natural oxidation process. Clean the bowl with a soft moist cloth. After a year or two the copper will darken and acquire its natural patina.

Designed and made by Social Enterprise Studio Coppre. If you would like to see how the bowl is made and who made it, look here.