Looking for a vegan handbag?

Are you looking for a vegan handbag? We agree with you that the leather industry is not very sustainable. And why make products from leather when other materials are perfectly suitable as well?

leather industry in Bangladesh

The leather industry can cause tremendous environmental pollution and can be really bad for the health of the people working in it. Children work in the tanneries without protection against the hazardous chemicals that are used in the process. These chemicals are dumped into rivers afterwards. The leather industry of Bangladesh is huge, so the environmental impact and the impact on the lives of many people is tremendous. This is why we offer an alternative for leather bags.

vegan handbag from jute

Jute is a material that’s very traditional in Bangladesh. It’s grown as a rotation crop in rice paddies. Because the rice paddies are still wet from the rice, it doesn’t need any additional irrigation. Jute grows very fast without the need for fertiliser or pesticides. It’s biodegradable, which I think is a real benefit compared to a lot of vegan bags that are made from faux leather (plastic).

The beauty of jute also lies in the fact that it form an important part of Bengali culture. However it’s being used less and less because it’s being replaced by plastics. Many women are still able to weave the jute in many wonderful traditional patterns. We think it’s important to keep this craftsmanship alive. The weaving is done by hand in rural areas of Bangladesh. This gives them possibilities to generate an income and build a better future in their village, so they don’t have to move to big cities.

natural jute vegan bags

Of course it’s our top priority to make bags that are beautiful! Jute bags can have a bit of a dull image. But we love to show that it’s possible to weave jute in elegant patterns and make stylish bags with it. Or, as someone exclaimed sounding surprised: ‘Oh, but these bags are very chic!’.

vegan handbags jute

vegan bags jute

Take a look at our stylish handwoven bags from jute.
Meet the makers of our jute bags here.
Do you want to know more about the leather industry in Bangladesh? Read more on the website of PETA.

vegan shoulder bag jute

vegan handbag from jute fair trade

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