kantha love!

kantha love_blanket quilt throw scarf

we love kantha!

Intense colours, handwoven silks, fine embroidery, intricate patterns, cheerful hand block prints, soft cotton.
Tulsi’s partners in Bangladesh buy the most beautiful vintage saris to make them into throws, blankets, scarves and cushions.
The colours lighten up your house and your mood!
kantha love_sari blanket quilt throw deken
kantha love_silk sari blanket quilt throw deken


All kantha products are made by hand and are one of a kind. Every kantha has stories to tell, often stories full courage and perseverance.
You feel the love these kanthas are made with.
kantha love_sari sjaal scarf
kantha love_silk sari sjaal scarf


Tulsi Crafts stands for fair trade with Bangladesh. We design fashion accessories using rich Bengali traditions. Our aim is to empower the women in Bangladesh making our products.
Take a look at our kantha sari products here!

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