Just a little note as an introduction. I’m Margot and have just started a fair trade business, Tulsi Crafts, importing crafts from Bangladesh. I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and will be running my internet business from home. Of course I love travelling and discovering new things! It makes me realise all the more how lucky we are, it really puts things in perspective. Gardening is another love of mine, I love pottering around my allotment.

Bangladesh has a special place in my heart, specifically the people of Bangladesh do. I’ve never met people as generous, curious and sincere as Bangla people. No matter how little they have, they are always willing to share. As tourists are not a common sight, they want to know all about you and where you’re from.

On this blog I’ll be writing more about this beautiful country so full of contradictions. Bangladesh has been and still is a place where many development aid organisations are active. At this moment the Bangladesh economy is growing, and I feel it’s time to put the emphasis on (fair) trade not aid. It’s important people can become independent and can take care of themselves. I want to give them this chance by buying fair trade products from several organisations who give people a fair chance of making a living.

I’ll keep you posted here on my journey of starting Tulsi Crafts, a business in fairtrade crafts, also with an emphasis on environmentally friendly products, either recycled or made from local organic fibres such a jute. The introduction of our new products will follow soon1

I really value your input, so please let me know if you agree, or disagree with me. You can either post comments here, or on our facebook page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

tulsi crafts visit dhaka bangladesh traffic junction colourful people rickshaw bus cng

Dhaka, the busy capital of Bangladesh

tulsi crafts visit afrozas place manikganji bangladesh rice fields sunrise

And as a contrast, a walk in the countryside

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