fair wear friday #2

Once a month I participate in ‘Fair Wear Friday’ on this blog. On the other Fridays I’ll let you know on Instagram how fair my outfit of that day is, so follow us there as well.

It’s very important to me to buy clothes that are made as fair as possible. I’ve seen the enormous size of the textile industry in Bangladesh, and the huge impact changes can have on many lives. That’s the same for many other countries of course. Still it’s challenging to find fair fashion, and I always ask myself the question what’s acceptable for me and what isn’t.

To inspire all of us, several bloggers have started Fair Wear Friday. A great initiative that has given me a lot of good ideas. Take a look on the blog (in Dutch) Villa Lisa to see who’ve joined Fair Wear Friday.

fair wear friday_tulsi crafts_inti knitwear_monkee genes

How fair is the outfit this week?

The coat is by Inti Knitwear, one of my favourite brand that you’ll see me wearing more often here. All of their woolen jumpers and jackets are knitted or woven by hand in Ecuador. This coat is over 10 years old and I still love wearing it.

The trousers are from Monkee Genes, a favourite too. GOTS certified.

How fair is your outfit today? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

Fair Wear Friday is an initiative by Ma vie en vert, Juffrouw Sanseveria and Villa Lisa.
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Fairwear Friday

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