cruelty free merino wool for our scarves

We only use cruelty free merino wool for our collection of woolen scarves. Unfortunately we know a lot of merino wool is produced under cruel circumstances. Merino sheep in Australia are often mulesed. Let’s explain a bit more about the practice of mulesing and also about how our wool is mulesing-free.

Mulesing is the removing of skin around the buttocks of sheep. Unfortunately this is often done without pain relief measures, so that can be pretty painful for the sheep. The reason mulesing is done, is to prevent flystrike. Flystrike can cause a very painful death, but there are alternatives.

merino sheep cruelty free merino wool

Our merino wool comes from India, where mulesing is not customary. Because Indian merino sheep have less deep skin wrinkles, mulesing is not needed. Also our wool is from the north of India, where it’s cooler and less fly related problems occur. We’ve been in contact with the supplier of the merino wool used for our scarves. They have guaranteed the wool is mulesing-free.

So luckily you don’t have to avoid merino wool completely! We think it’s very important both animals and people are treated well, so we always look for the most animal and people friendly products. Merino wool is very soft and warm, and doesn’t itch. We love it and are very happy to have found cruelty free merino wool, so you can enjoy it too.

Take a look at our current collection merino wool scarves here.

cruelty free merino wool scarves

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