copper interior accessories: meet the makers

Our special collection of copper interior accessories is made in India. We’d like to tell you a little bit more about the makers and show you how these products are made. For the design an production of the collection consisting of copper bowls and tea light holders we work together with Studio Coppre from India.

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They design and produce copper interior accessories. The artisans they work with are highly skilled in traditional copper work. By combining these traditions with contemporary design they are given a new lease of life. The stories about their heritage and culture stay alive. Traditions from the olden days with modern ideas breathe new life into these stories.

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Studio Coppre is a Social Enterprise, just as Tulsi Crafts is. We feel it’s important to collaborate with social entrepreneurs in the countries we work in. This way not only the makers receive fair wages, but we also stimulate social entrepreneurship. We think it’s important to combine local design and local production, this gives talented designers a way to tell their stories. Share their history and heritage.

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The copper interior accessories we sell often have wonderful stories behind them. Bowls that were traditionally used as a gong, or to prepare food. They now serve as a floating bowl for flowers or candles, or a fruit bowl. But apart from their practical purposes, they are just beautiful, timeless objects in any home. The copper candle holders bounce the light of their shiny surfaces and give us a warm light.
Take a look at all our copper interior accessories here.

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With Studio Coppre work around 150 artisans, mostly based in the North and West of India. Because of their work knowledge is being kept, and being passed on. Their work is not only culturally important, but also economically. Economic relevance is a condition for a healthy future of this special heritage.

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