baby blanket in happinez happi home: embroidered with heart

Our baby blanket in Happinez! The French Happi Home, a special edition of Happinez Magazine, published a wonderful article on our kantha sari quilts.

babydeken happinez couverture matelassee happi home

Brodeé avec le coeur
Au Bengale, les femmes assemblent et brodent d’anciens saris pour donner naissance à ces sublimes couvertures matelassées. Tulsi Crafts travaille avec une ONG pour leur garantir un revenue équitable.

Embroidered with heart
In Bengal women put together and embroider old saris and give life to these sublime quilted blankets. Tulsi Crafts works with an NGO to ensure them a fair income.

In the photo is one of our baby quilts. All baby quilts are made from wonderfully soft cotton and can be washed in the washing machine, as that’s just a practical! We have one piece of each blanket, so they are really unique. We get new stock in all the time, so we have a fresh selection for you every time.

Of course we also sell larger quilts, to put on your own bed, or to snuggle up under on the sofa. These larger quilts are available in cotton and silk. All embroidered with a lot of love.

Take a look at our baby quilts and all other kantha sari quilts here.

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